Our vision

Our Vision is to Create a TRUST Pact for a GROWTH Pact

  • To establish Shopper Marketing as a key enabler of the collaboration between Retailers and Manufacturers to optimize the shopper’s journey allowing both to win in their market.
  • Via Collaboration with diverse non-commercial universities

To Create Value / Future Growth :

  1. Creating Value “Grow the Pie Game” : Category Growth Vision / Pull Model
  2. Invest in Marketing : Innovate / Differentiate / Localize
  3. Enthuse and Seduce the Shoppers : Relevant meaningful Experience


Our mission

Deliver solutions for Retailers and Manufacturers to create differenciating value for your customers of today and tomorrow by:

  1. Delevoping shopper centric decision making built on new people capabilities and competencies
  2. Reinventing shopper centric business processes supported by our proprietary big data systems and segmentations
  3. Creating a unique mindset and ways of working within and across businesses

Resulting in:

  1. Disproportional investments in customers with the profile and potential to deliver 80% of your current and future sales and profit
  2. Unique customer value creation to drive targeted strategic customers recruitement and loyalty
  3. Strategic segmented shopper equity driven marketing and communication programs (ATL, CRM, Social media, In-store)
  4. Tailored multi channel consumer and shopper experiences