Luc Demeulenaere

Procter & Gamble

Luc Demeulenaere is a commercial engineer from the K. University Leuven in Belgium. He started his career in P&G in 1983 in the Belgian organization. After a variety of assignments in Sales, IT, Customer Service, Logistics and Marketing, he became European Sales Support Manager in 1993.

He expanded this with additional responsibilities for the Middle East and Africa in 1995 and became in 1999 associate director global customer marketing, reporting to global operations in Cincinnati, P&G Headquarter.
He was involved in the development of the European Direct Profitability Model and the development of Space management systems in the eighties; was Co-Chair with Tesco on the European ECR project for Day to Day Category management in 2000; and has started the GCI (Global Commerce Initiative) - Product Classification project.

He has been a member of the Advisory Committee of the European ECR-board and lead editor of the ECR Europe guidelines ‘book on “Collaborative CRM”. Besides his responsibility in the area of global retail marketing, he was part of the GCI workgroup on standards for sharing information.

After retiring from P&G in 2009, he was a senior advisor to the CEO of emnos to implement shopper marketing models from superior shopper insights from loyalty cards. Emnos is a shopper intelligence service company with worldwide customers like Carrefour, Target and Wallgreens in USA.

In 2011/2012 he developed the Consumer&Shopper insightmodel and business framework for ECR Europe together with dr Brian Harris, president & founder of the the Partnering Consulting group in USA, Rewe ( Dr Olaf Gens, co-chair Retail), Kraft ( James Macnaughton, co-chair industry), Bernard Févry (Coca Cola Europe) and Carrefour, Colgate, Unilever,... The resulting bleu book is available for downloading from the ECR europe website publications. It has become a standard for multinationals to develop 360° shopper & consumer go to market plans.

In 2012 ShopTing is created as an expertcompany in the field of shopper marketing. Important to mention is the special collaboration with the big-data experts in the academic world, more particularly Professor dr D. Van den Poel.

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Bernard Fevry

L’Oréal and Coca Cola

Mr. Fevry started in 1985 in market research and founded his own business in 1992 (Neuronal big data segmentation). In 1995 he created the Basque Micro brewery business and moved in 1996 as vice president for almost 10 years of consumer relationship marketing and knowledge and insights for Europe and board member of the French Consumer Division at L'Oréal S.A.

Mr. Fevry worked as vice president of international business at Secodip, vice president of the consumer division at Taylor Nelson AGB, founder and MD at Arthemus, vice president of business development at OREP, vice president of business development at Cryptos. Vice president for almost 10 years of consumer relationship marketing and knowledge and insights for Europe and board member of the French Consumer Division at L'Oreal S.A., and global director of innovation and product development at Ipsos

Lastly as Operational Marketing Director Europe at The Coca-Cola Company he lead a strong stepchange of Shopper Marketing culture in both Marketing and Customer areas, building Shopper Driven Category Management capabilities and piloting new Advanced Shopper Marketing techniques and programs. In his European Marketing leader role he provided a vision of Experiential marketing, defining an Occasion based Marketing Strategy and piloting Coca-Cola first Experiential Happiness Venues to prepare The Coca-Cola System to face future strategic challenges like Design, Digital and Durable.

These deliverables contributed past years to a business growth momentum in Europe. Yet to overcome recent headwinds and economical tummoil, he created a Strategic Total Beverage Category Vision Growth Opportunity Value Creation Model to develop incremental business : a « Grow The Pie Integrated Strategy». Ultimately he leveraged this work first in Spain, into a new Integrated Business Marketing Management Transformational approach called « Transversals» (moving away from siloed / vertical organisation).

All along his career he was pushed by a strong entrepreneurial and risk taker mindset and a strong cross functional business experience in both consumer marketing but also customer and shopper marketing.

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Grant Wither


Retail expert with  deep understanding of  the customer and category management, project management and delivering new business processes and business transformations. Co-author of ECR Day-To-Day Category Management.

Danny Vanden Berghe

Procter & Gamble

Covers over 20 years of experience at P&G as a technology project manager in the area of shelf optimisation,asset creation for in-store virtual and digital solutions and consumer research in-store (a.o. eye tracking methodology).

Introducing and developing of a total new way of working based on a new platform of virtual tools that is being used worldwide, facilitating consumer research, analysing shopper behaviour and optimizing marketing strategies

Funder of V-Ikona, a company specialised in asset management systems, and  to provide our clients 2D and 3D content to enable them to use in a virtual environment (store / shelf).

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Nestor Gonzalez

He began his career in 1987 as an Account Director at LINTAS/ Uribe & Asociados (Colombia), a multinational marketing services and communication agency part of the Interpublic Group of Companies, and after a few years became Executive VP primarily focusing on corporate industry relations, account planning and business development.

He later moved on to the manufacturer side as Corporate Marketing Vice President for The Crystal Hosiery Group, the 3rd largest global hosiery manufacturer, where he led the Group’s portfolio of brands strategy and management, new product development and the customer management organization.

In 2000 he began working as a partner with The Partnering Group (TPG) leading the Latin American expansion of the firm focusing primarily on Business Unit Strategy Deployment, Strategic Customer Management, Category Management & Brand Planning and Implementation, Organizational Design and Development.

He has worked extensively with international and local retailers and manufacturers in Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and Chile as well as in the US. Some of the companies, amongst others, he has worked with are: Soriana (Mexico), CCM Heineken (Mexico), Alimentos Polar (Venezuela), Grupo Exito (Colombia), Tecnoquimicas (Colombia), Colgate - Palmolive (Colombia), Walmart / Lider (Chile), Nestle (Chile), Concha y Toro (Chile), Pepsico (Argentina) and Disco (Argentina). This experience, as well as his multicultural background, provides Shopting with a unique “Latin America understanding, vision and capability” to help our customers implement their region and national strategy. 

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